Q: Where is your shop located?
A: We are located at 4602 JFK Blvd behind Iberia Bank. We’re across the street (JFK) from the post office, just about a 1/4 mile south of the intersection of JFK and McCain in North Little Rock.

Q: How long will it take to complete my alterations?
A: For basic jobs like hems and zippers, it usually takes about a week. Custom jobs take longer, so please bring us your plans well ahead of when you’ll actually need it.

Q: Do you offer emergency rush service?
A: YES! If you have an urgent need, please let us know. We can usually meet your needs for emergency repairs. Please note that we add a $2.00 surcharge for same day or next day service.

Q: Do you alter wedding dresses and formals?
A: YES! We have more than 30 years of experience in altering wedding dresses and formals. Whether you need your dress hemmed, or completely re-sized, we can make your dress fit the way it was meant to fit. We know how important your special day is to you. Let us take the worry out of fitting your dress.

Q: Can you make custom clothes?
A: YES! Just bring us your fabric and pattern, and we’ll be happy to cut it out, sew it, fit it and make necessary final adjustments. Prices vary based on the pattern.

Q: Do you tailor men’s suits?
A: YES! We can make any needed adjustments to make your suit fit great!

Q: Do you do alterations for children?
A: YES! All ages are welcome!

Q: Do I need to mark or pin my garments before I bring them to you?
A: No. We have fitting rooms in our shop, so you can try it on and let us fit it for you. A professional measurement is the best way to make sure you get professional alterations.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Cash, Checks (with ID), Visa and Mastercard.

Q: Am I required to pay when I drop off my item for alterations?
A: NO. You can pay when you pick up your item. You are welcome to pay in advance, however.

Q: Do you offer monogramming services?
A: No. We do not offer monogramming.

Q: Do you sell sewing machines and equipment?
A: No. We only provide sewing, tailoring and alterations services.